Harvest Festival

Sunday 27th Sept at 11.30am

The Harvest festival this year will be quite different as it cannot be followed by a lunch in the church.

The service will be led by Carolyn Brawn and she has asked that if you have made something or achieved something that you are pleased with, to bring it along and show. It can be a cake, a pot of jam, something you have sewn or an award you have won, or a milestone you have achieved.

If you are planning to come, could you please let me know by Friday evening so that on Saturday we can put out chairs for family groups, couples and individuals to ensure that  social distancing is achieved. All adults are required to wear face masks, I know it is a bore but we have to obey the legislation.

We were hoping to picnic outside but that has had to be cancelled as recent changes have meant that you cannot have groups of more than 6 and you cannot mingle with other groups.If you still want to picnic you can use the grass area outside, but it is going to be cool on Sunday and maybe the pub is better option.

Please contact Julia on 732283 or email ju.powell@btinternet.com if you are coming.

Thank you

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