Hog Roast & Disco – Latest

Tickets are going well but there are still some available for the Hog Roast & Disco from 7 p.m. on Saturday 21st August at St Mary’s Church. Tickets are £15 pp from Julia Powell 732283; Jackie Rowe 734435 or jackie.rowe25@gmail.com.

What do you get for your money?

A roll filled with pork, stuffing and Julia’s home-made apple sauce, a choice of delicious salads and then Pudding! Veggie & GF alternatives will be available but please let us know in advance.
During the evening you can dance the night away to Lee’s disco. There will be a bar with real ale, bottled beer, wine and soft drinks and of course a raffle.

So that everyone feels comfortable there will be seating both inside the church and outside in a marquee. Fingers crossed for good weather.

During the evening there will also be a silent auction of promises.

How does this work?

There will be a catalogue of promises setting out what is on offer, the number of people that the promise is for and a reserve price. Some promises already specify dates; others are to be arranged with the winners. Each promise will have a sheet where you can add your bid. You will need to keep checking to see that your bid is still winning and rebid as necessary.

Where more than one lot is offered then the top bids for the required number will be accepted. Remember therefore that you could underbid the top bid and still be one of the winners but it could be a risky strategy! In the event of too many tieing top bids for a lot then the first ones written down will be accepted. Any amounts altered will not be accepted – if you want to increase your bid then you must write your name (not just initials) again. There are reserves on all items. People are freely offering their services so please be generous.

For anyone wanting to bid for a promise but unable to come to the Hog Roast in person then you can contact Jackie who will bid on the night on your behalf. Details you will need to give are your name, contact no., which lots you want to bid for, how many people for and the maximum you are prepared to bid per person.

All clear? – if not Jackie is happy to explain further. Details of the promises on offer are available here to download.

Hopefully see you on Saturday for a great & good value night out.

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