Homeless Man’s Car Impounded

Most people in the village will be familiar with Greg, the homeless man who sits in his 4×4 on Plum Pudding Hill. He’s been there for several years and in many ways has become an extended part of our community. People regularly take him food and try to care for his wellbeing. Supporters even opened up his own account at the village shop.

All that was put at risk yesterday when the Police impounded his vehicle. This led to a massive outpouring of support on the village Facebook page where villagers rallied to help find Greg and ensure he has a roof over his head. At the present count there are over 220 comments on the Facebook thread making it one of the most active stories in the group’s history:


The story has also been taken up by the Northants Journal which is worth a look:


Some have questioned the rights and wrongs of the police action and whether impounding Greg’s home was the correct response. What cannot be ignored, however, was the vehicle was neither taxed nor MOTed nor did Greg have any insurance. In such circumstances the police clearly felt they had a responsibility to take action.

Even so, this is a tragic turn of events for a man who already had so little in life and now has even less. Thankfully the village continues to rally around him and small acts of kindness continue to pour in. A GoFundMe page has been set-up with aim of buying Greg a caravan and a number of people have offered locations for where it could be sited. At the present time the appeal has reached over £1,200.

This is a developing story and more details may be added as they come in.

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