Important Announcement at the Wheatsheaf

There was a full house at the Wheatsheaf on Thursday for the monthly pub quiz. Before the main event began, however, manager Stuart Wright made an important announcement. It emerged there had been a lot of speculation regarding the futue of the pub and he felt it was time to set the record straight. Stuart owns a 50% share of the Proper Pub Co. – the company which, along with the Wheatsheaf, runs three other pubs in the county. The big news is that as of 1st March, the Wheatsheaf will no-longer be a part of the Proper Pub Co. group. Instead, Stuart will run the pub privately.

This decision has been made for several reasons. Perhaps the most important as far, as Stuart is concenred, is because he and his family are now firmly integrated into our community. As he explained, if for some unexpected reason the company were to fold, he would not only lose the roof over his head but also the life he and his wife Frankie have made in Titchmarsh. Their young son also goes to the village school.

Titchmarsh was incredibly fortunate when the Proper Pub Co. took over the Wheatsheaf in 2017. Ever since then the team have worked continuously to make it a success. As a result, Titchmarsh now boasts one of the best village pubs in the area. Without their combined efforts we certainly wouldn’t be where we are now.

Looking to the immediate future, the only downside is that popular assistant manager Emma Miller will continue as operations manager for the Proper Pub Co. so won’t be coming on the journey with Stuart.

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