In Praise of Elves!

Titchmarsh is a really great village. We have fantastic facilities, a host of clubs and groups and a wonderful can-do community spirit. We even have elves! No, really. We do. These are the lovely people who come out, in all weathers, without fuss or fanfare, and do the little jobs that the rest of us probably take for granted.

I call them elves because they seem to do things when no-one else is looking! There are – for example – the Telephone Box elves. They’re the ones who decorate the telephone box whenever there is an event on. Then there are the Church elves, who get together once a year to tidy up the church yard. There’s even a small army of marquee-putting-up elves who mostly come out around Fete time!

I digress…

It now seems there is a new elf to add to the list. On Sunday some very thoughtful person took it upon themselves to clear the excessive greenery which had swamped the wall next to the school. It had become a rather unsightly mess and clearing it was no small task. Now, however, it’s all gone. Just in the nick of time too, before the school reopened for the new term. I’m sure the lady in question who did all this work would rather remain nameless. Her fans would have it otherwise.

Thank you, Jenny Meadows!


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  • Well done Elf Jenny! A great job.

    Now, how do we persuade the Highways Agency to do the same along the road edges?

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