Inflatable Up-Cycle!

Do you have any punctured inflatables lying around that you want to get rid of? If so, Bronte from the village can help. She wanted to do something worthwhile during lockdown and is now taking part in Wyatt and Jack’s Inflatable Amnesty.

Wyatt and Jack, based on the Isle of Wight, up-cycles old paddling pools, broken bouncy castles, punctured beach balls, arm bands, air beds and even deck chair material into sustainable funky bags, purses and other accessories.

If you have redundant inflatables, Bronte can sort and package them off to Wyatt and Jack, to help prevent it all ending up as waste in landfill.

Unfortunately they can’t accept rubber footballs, space hoppers, yoga balls, wetsuits, swim caps, plastic shower curtains, helium balloons or rubber gloves.

Please email to arrange a time to drop off your stuff (as clean and dry as possible please) and check out the great bags on Instagram #wyattandjack #inflatableamnesty

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