It’s (possibly) behind you…

No doubt most of you will have seen this in the recent edition of the Titchmarsh Times:

As some of you will be aware there were discussions over the festive period about whether we could pool together the many talents prevalent in the village and produce our own pantomime in the Club Room later this year. 

So, I thought that now things have settled down a bit it would be good to get a feel for how much of that interest was genuine and how much was alcohol fuelled…

Therefore I am reaching out now for declarations of interest in putting on a village production and, if the interest is there, what that could look like. 

A production would need many various contributors, including actors, set build, costumes, script writers, publicity, on the day logistics and provisions, etc. So, if you are at all interested in taking this further, please drop us a line at , we’ll gauge the response and take it from there. 

Whilst the response has been generally positive, we still need more people to come forwards to make it viable, especially those of you who would be willing to act. There has been a lot of responses for  production / technical roles but not so many to act! So, come on, don’t be shy. What could possibly go wrong…

On another note, could I ask those of you who have not let us know their interest by email to please do so as it makes communicating so much easier.

Thanks again

Dean & Lisa x 

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