June Pub Quiz at the Wheatsheaf with Pearl & Dean!

Due to flooding at the pub, the quiz will now take place on Tuesday 27th. If you already had a table for the event there is no need to re-book.

As you may be aware, June is traditionally the ‘graveyard shift’ in the pub quiz world. Remember the quiz in June last year? Of course you don’t, and neither do we. So, with that in mind and with some deft scraping of various barrels, we’ve asked Dean to do this one as we figured ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’

Dean and his long-suffering wife Lisa (not Pearl*) are still to be actually acknowledged as Villagers but, as we’re pretty desperate, we’ll let that go as they continue to linger even after 18 months.

So, please try and put all this aside and do your best to suffer his inane wittering and obscure ‘knowledge’ in an attempt to enjoy yourselves on Tuesday 20th. After all, July’s quiz is always a belter- remember what happened last year!


Teams of up to 8 as normal. Phone the Wheaty on 01832 732203 to reserve your table.


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