How Do I Add a News Item?

First make sure you are logged-in.

Next, visit the Add News page.

You will be presented with a simple form which you can fill in with details of your news item. Full instructions are provided at every step.

To add a News Story you will need to complete 4 steps:

  1. Add a title
  2. Add some text
  3. Select a News category
  4. Upload a photo

Strictly speaking you do not need to provide a photo – but your story will look better if you do. If you do not upload your own photo a picture will be added automatically based upon which category you select.

If you choose to add your story to the Church category, for example, a picture of the church will be shown unless you provide something else.

Most people find it easier to create their new stories before hand – using something like Microsoft Word. Once you are ready, log-in, open the form and then simply copy-n-paste your news item from word into the form.

Once complete, simply submit the form.

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