Let’s get Quizzical…

Let’s get quizzical – (as Olivia Newton John didn’t quite sing back in 1981!), but the village is certainly getting in the mood for a quiz. In fact, there are so many quizzes in the pipeline between now and Christmas we’ve had to introduce a brand-new season to accommodate them all – welcome to Quizmas!

Having been shut away during the inconvenience of Covid with only the “Zoom of Doom” for company, we are now faced with a veritable outbreak of quizzing opportunities, from all corners of the village, between now and the end of the year.

At the time of writing, the Wheatsheaf has already started the ball rolling and enjoyed a packed house last Thursday where the unfancied “Shop Soiled” team sneaked an unlikely win. Rumours that this rag-tag team of shop volunteers and hangers-on (*) had consulted a copy of “Quick Quiz Questions for Quibbling Quislings” during round 1 were unfounded (though they were hoping for knockout “triple word” score if “Scrabble” came up as a topic!).

Whilst the next Wheatsheaf Quiz is scheduled for Tuesday 24th August, your Titchmarsh Times has details of three fundraising quizzes planned for the Clubroom on Saturday 9th October, the Church Quiz on 20th November plus a quiz for the Village Shop. The Clubroom have secured the services of veteran quizmaster – Ian Teague, whilst the Church conundrums will be set by Duncan Williams – a well-known fount of general knowledge and Professional Yorkshireman.

Faced with such strong competition, and the fact that their planned quiz date of September 25th clashes with the launch show for this season’s “Strictly”, the Village Shop will be postponing their quiz until February next year.

There is still a fantastic Quizmas season ahead, so do get out and flex your little grey cells. Contacts for these events are:

  • Gemma at the Wheatsheaf on 24th August on 732 203
  • Clubroom Quiz on 9th October – Di Ellis on 735 881 or email dihellis@yahoo.com
  • the Church on 20th November, contact Julia Powell on 732 283 or email ju.powell@btinternet.com.

Enjoy the Titchmarsh Quizmas season!

(*) this should have read “rag-tag team of shop volunteers and Manager Sue”

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