Litter Archaeology expected in the future

10 dedicated village residents went out in frosty weather to our usual stomping grounds of Halden’s Parkway, Thrapston island and slip roads plus Ranway and Plum Pudding Road. We collected around 50 bags of rubbish and discovered a fridge and fridge freezer fly tipped at the back of Burger King at the Service Station.

As you have probably seen, the undergrowth has been cut back and the land disturbed by diggers for electrical upgrades around Thrapston Island. What a depressing sight it was! – With huge quantities of litter buried by the diggers! Years old plastic breaking up into small pieces and mixing in with the beautiful Autumn leaves!

In years to come what are archaeologists going to name the era we are living in now?
It certainly won’t be complimentary!

We need to write to our MP’s and Councillors to motivate the Government and Council to do more to stop this litter at source. Ban all plastic takeaway packaging. Ensure bottles are returnable and refundable, increase fines for littering. Make it easier to use recycling centres.

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