Local Artists to Exhibit in Stamford

We are very lucky in Titchmarsh, and the surrounding towns and villages, to have a wealth of talented artists within our midst; from painters, sculptors, photographers to textile artists and those that work in multi-media.  Rarely though do we have the chance to see the artists’ work displayed in a gallery setting; well, here is an opportunity not to be missed!

Long term friends and colleagues Carol Bernstein and Rosalind Stoddart will be displaying their latest work at the Stamford Arts Centre from the 9th to 21st of July.  Whilst the pair have been friends for 30 years this will be their first joint exhibition. 

Carol will be well known to many villagers as she and husband Sidney have lived here since 1973; first in Chapel Street at No 27A and subsequently behind the High Street at Brook End, both of which they designed and built.  After art school Carol lectured in art at a number of colleges but always continued to produce and exhibit her own work which has been primarily painting and printmaking; in recent years photography has also become an interest. 

Rosalind, founder of the educational charity Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, has lived in North Northamptonshire for over 30 years and is very pleased to be exhibiting at Stamford with her colleague and friend Carol. She trained as a painter and is now working with textiles which always starts with using her own alpaca fleece. She says

“All of the fleeces are white and this gives me the wonderful opportunity to dye the fibre using natural dyes from plants I grows in my garden”.

This exhibition will show a continuity of aesthetic over her career, even though the materials she uses have continually changed.

Both Carol and Ros are very exited by this opportunity to share their artistic vision with the community and invite all of us to visit the exhibition in July.

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