Monday Morning Cafe

A number of people have asked whether Monday Morning Cafe in the church will start up again soon. We have been thinking about this as we appreciate that it is a place where people can meet and chat. If we do open, then the same rules will have to apply as to restaurants and pubs i.e. tables of no more than 6, masks worn when not sitting down, table service only and with additional cleaning & sanitising.

As MMC is run by volunteers, before we carry out a detailed risk assessment, we would like to know how many people are interested in coming and how many people are willing to help out so that the burden of running the cafe does not fall to just a few people.

Could you please let Jackie Rowe know at if you would be interested in the cafe starting up again and if you are willing and able to go on a rota to help run the cafe.

If there is enough interest and help, then we can carry out a detailed risk assessment and see if we can get the cafe up and running again.”



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