Morrisons to stop operations at Bradford distribution centre…

…and are moving everything to Thrapston.

The Bradford Telegraph & Argus newspaper have reported that Morrisons are ceasing all fruit packing distribution at a local centre and are instead moving the entire operation to Halden’s Parkway in Thrapston.

The report states:

“After very careful review and evaluation, we propose to move ahead with a consolidation at Thrapston in the second half of 2023.

“Regrettably, the proposal to consolidate two sites means that there are 456 colleagues at Cutler Heights who are at risk of redundancy.

“We will do everything we can to employ those colleagues in other Morrisons manufacturing, logistics and retail sites in the local area.

“Over 400 new roles will be created at the Thrapston site and in our Wakefield distribution centre.” 

As well as new jobs, this development could result in a sizeable increase in vehicle movements into and out of the site. With the roads around Haldens already congested at peak times, there are doubts the capacity of the road infrastructure will be able to absorb the new traffic load.

This argument has been central to the STAUNCH campaign efforts to stop the proposed warehouses on the Glebe Land and Castle Manor Farm sites. Only recently, the Highways department requested a three-month extension to address concerns about the potential impact of the development on the existing road network. The news about Morrisons is expected to add more weight to these concerns. It is uncertain how this news will affect the traffic modelling put forward by the developers.

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