NCC Budget Savings Could Lead to Cuts

Northamptonshire County Council’s Cabinet has begun a consultation on budget savings currently totalling £9.6million. The Council say that unprecedented demand for local services coupled with reducing levels of government funding mean the authority is facing a severe financial challenge. The budget saving proposals include a review of Northamptonshire libraries, changes to the highways maintenance programme including winter gritting, a reduction in funding for Trading Standards and Corby children’s centres, and the removal of all bus subsidies.

What this means for Titchmarsh is that if the proposals were to be implemented the Connect Bus service would be withdrawn and the village would no-longer be gritted in bad weather. It’s also highly likely from looking at the separate Library Consultation document that Thrapston library would close.

The consultation is ongoing. It should also be noted that this £9.6m is only the start – with another lot of budget cut proposals totalling £27m to be announced later in the year.

Members of the public are invited to “have their say” on the NCC website. Click here for more details »

We’ll keep you posted.

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