Neighbourhood Watch – Report Suspicious Activity

Frequent visitors to the village Facebook page will have seen reports of a white van roaming around Titchmarsh recently. The driver was said to be acting suspiciously, checking properties as he went by. A similar van also caught the attention of people in surrounding villages. This led to the vehicle registration being circulated so that concerned residents could keep an eye open for it. Sure enough, when it turned up again, people reported it on Facebook.

The presence of the van and the activity of its driver could be perfectly innocent. However it does serve to highlight just how quickly information about alleged suspicious activity can be circulated. The local police are known to monitor social media and have used posts from Facebook to provide important leads. The Titchmarsh Neighbourhood Watch coordinator is also keen to remind everyone to report any suspicious activity directly to the police via an online form which can be found here:

The form is very simple. You need to provide a few details (not your address) and a description of the activity that has concerned you.

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