Neighbourhood Watch – Working Group Volunteers

I am looking to set up a working group of members to examine how Neighbourhood Watch across Northamptonshire, can improve our engagement and communication with our existing members, also with any potential new members. 

I also feel that Neighbourhood Watch needs to modernise and the working group will be examining all aspects of our offering, to find ways that meet the modern day methods of engagement and communication.

The plan is for the working group to examine all aspects of what and how, we within Northamptonshire present neighbourhood Watch.

It should not be time consuming, just one or two hours a week to work within the group, discuss thoughts and ideas with other group members. The plan is for the working group to have 12 months to examine what we have and to find new solutions.

The working group will have a free hand with no direction or executive leadership. I am looking for new ideas and suggestions as to how we can move forward and ensure our Neighbourhood Watch provision is fit for the future and meets the needs of our members.

If you have any spare time and would like to help shape our county Neighbourhood watch, then please send me an email directly to

I am particularly interested in members with skills in project management, affecting change, social media, website design, communication, events but more importantly any members with ideas and suggestions who want to get involved and see Neighbourhood Watch succeed.

The closing date for members to join the working group will be 31st March 2023.

Thank you

Colin Moore

Chair Northants Neighbourhood Watch

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