New Local Beer at the Village Shop

At the Village Shop we are delighted to have received our first delivery of new beers from the Weldon Brewery near Corby.

First up, we have “Dragline Golden Ale” – a 3.9% session ale with hints of citrus, mango and passion fruit. Next, we have Stahlstadt – a light blonde 4.0% ale with hints of lemon, which is named after a type of Alpine scenery, where pine forests sit on top of large iron and coal deposits (doesn’t affect the taste, but may come in handy in a pub quiz!)

From a little further afield, we have Lochness (4.3%) and Lightness (3.8%) Pale ales which we have just smuggled into England in case Nicola decides to close the Scottish border!

With gluten free Vagabond from Brewdog and a refreshing vintage cider from Henry Weston, we have just what you need to accompany your Netflix or boxset binge as you enjoy another wet weekend!

BBQ weather must surely be just around the corner….

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