New STAUNCH T-Shirts for Kids!

Following the success of their recent campaign T-shirts, STAUNCH are planning to order a load more – for kids! They will be available in a range of sizes to fit most kids aged between 3 and 10 years old. If you would like to register your interest please click here to pre-order by email.

If things go to plan you will also be able to order them online at the STAUNCH website.

Each shirt costs around £6.50 to produce so STAUNCH are asking people to make a donation of at least this amount for each item. If ordering online you can pay for them with a card through a secure portal.

The shirts can be collected from the village shop.

Please note, however, that because the shirts are not shop products, you cannot pay for them through the shop till using a card. You can only pay with cash – which is put in a separate box for safekeeping.

A selection of T-shirts will also be available at this weekend’s fete.

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