“Newsflash” – Cream scone crisis hits village shop….

It is with great trepidation that I must tell you that there will be no fresh cream scones in the village shop on Thursday morning. Julia and Alan have decided to take a well earned break away from the village, and although the shop was under the impression they needed a “leave of absence on scone day pass”, apparently, this is not the case and they have “gorn orf” on their holidays.

Given the severity of this “no scones” position, the shop has had to dust off its emergency plan, and a substitute supply of John’s Orange Drizzle Cake will be deployed to fill the gap until normal scone service can be restored.

Although you may not have tried it yet, John’s Orange Drizzle Cake has appeared at various community events in the village – most recently at the open Garden Teas, where garden visitors declared – “We thought it was worth a try as you’ve sold out of coffee and walnut” and “it tasted better than we thought it would” .

…but don’t be put off by the reviews – it did win “2nd Prize” at the Village Fete Bake Off 2019, where it was judged by respected Titchmarsh Cakeologist – Fiona Love, assisted by local treasure – our very own celebrity – Dame Margot Harrell-Fortescue (available for bookings – will bring own hat).
So – for one week only – why not try a slice of John’s Orange Drizzle Cake…

Note: – this cake does contain oranges, which probably means you can count it as one of your “5 a day”?

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