No Mow May is here!

Titchmarsh Environmental Group are encouraging the residents of Titchmarsh to join in with the nationwide initiative of No Mow May. This is to support the many species, especially insects, which rely on plants that are now in short supply throughout our country. As you may have heard – the UK is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world. In the past 20 years, insect species have dropped by 60%. Humans need these insects to pollinate the food we eat and the insects provide food for many creatures.
We have a culture that promotes neat and tidy is good but this is not true for nature.
Please resist the urge to cut your lawns this May. Instead sit back with a glass of something cool and refreshing and watch the wildlife that will appear in your garden when you create a much needed habitat for it! No Mow May is an initiative that Sir David Attenborough is promoting and if it’s good enough for him – it’s good enough for me! For more information go to

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