Parish Council Vacancies

As you may have read in the TT, two Titchmarsh Parish Councillors stepped down last month. Both Adriana Gunn and June Dove were forced to relinquish their roles to focus on other work commitments. In the case of June, she is now part of the new management structure at the Wheatsheaf where she is busy securing the future of our village pub. This leaves two vacancies on the Parish Council which need to be filled.

If you have an interest in village matters and want play a direct role in the decisions made by the Parish Council, then now is the perfect opportunity. The current term of the PC will end in May 2021 when there will be an election. Until then the Parish Council has the power to co-opt new councillors to fill in the gaps.

There are a number of issues facing our community and it is important for people to step forward and take part in the decision making process. If you would like to be part of the PC team then consider contacting the Parish Clerk for more details. There are only 7 meetings left between now and the election in May. This gives any interested party a great opportunity to come and see the workings of the Parish Council for themselves. When May comes around they can either step back or put their name forward in the election.

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