Is it Time for a Permanent Christmas Tree?

With another Festive period almost over we will or have taken down the decorations and possibly dumping the Christmas tree outside ready for disposal! Did you know over 6 million trees creating an additional 9000 tonnes for waste occurs every year? I have been considering why the Village does not have a permanent Christmas Tree instead of a purchased one every year. I fully appreciate I am not the first to question this over the years but maybe 2022 could be a year it happens? Financially it has to be a no brainer and the initial cost of a rooted tree over the annual purchase of a cut tree being covered in 4-5 years or less. Then the environmental issues, certainly a carbon plus with a live tree against a negative with the need for delivery and disposal of so many cut trees.

In many villages these “Christmas” trees are used for Easter decorations, memories and wishes by the villagers as well as birds and insects. From my post on the Facebook page it appears pretty positive with just the obstruction for vehicles being an issue. The tree could be placed on another part of The Green but having lived in Manor Farm Court since 1993 (still a relative newbie) my main issues with exiting onto Chapel Street or High Street is the parked cars but that is a total other issue.

If a live tree is planted in the traditional spot possibly slightly more central it would mean the bench would have to be moved and would be really useful addition on the Pound wall by the shop, allowing folk a place to wait if the shop is busy or just chill and enjoy the green space. Without offending the view from the bench is now at a residential home rather than the as was Dog & Partridge Pub. The current tree, a Rowan I believe, could be transplanted to the opposite small green area perhaps but whatever changes need to happen, how do you feel about a permanent living tree to commemorate Christmas and possibly more?

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