Peterborough Diocese Votes to Proceed with Industrial Development in Teeth of Local Opposition

It is with great distress and disappointment that Titchmarsh PCC has learnt of the decision by the Peterborough Diocesan Board of Finance to proceed with the sale of a development option on 114 acres of glebeland in the parish of Titchmarsh.

This decision was taken in the face of strong arguments that the proposed development option:

  • falls foul of three of the five marks of Christian Mission;
  • will have a serious detrimental impact on the mission of the local church of St Mary the Virgin, Titchmarsh;
  • will seriously damage the reputation of the Anglican Church as the proposal does not comply with the church’s own policies on local mission, environmental concerns, and climate change;
  • is for a site which is not identified for development in any local plans or strategies;
  • will result in coalescence between the ancient settlements of Titchmarsh and Thrapston, in contravention of established rural planning policy;
  • will lead to increased lorry traffic and commuting, and peak period congestion and pollution on the busy A605;
  • is on a site which is within the buffer zone of a RAMSAR site i.e. an international site of scientific interest hosting overwintering birds;
  • appears inconsistent with proposed Government Policy as set out in the recent White Paper “Planning for the Future”. 

In response to the diocese decision a PCC spokesperson said: “Through the appointment of a property developer to formulate a scheme and attempt to take it through planning process, the diocese has abrogated its responsibilities to the local church and wider community, and has ridden roughshod over established Church of England policy.  It has not answered any of the PCC’s arguments.  The PCC has already mobilised strong support from local politicians, councils, and community groups and has resolved to continue to fight against this hugely inappropriate and unwanted development – and will continue to hold the diocese to account.” 

For further information, please CONTACT: Stephen Barber, Lay Chair, Titchmarsh PCC          m: 07545 201 439

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