Pilot Scheme Will Remove Fly Tipping

A pilot scheme has been set up by Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold to support farmers and landowners to remove fly-tipping from their land free of charge and to put in place measures to prevent it from happening again.

The pilot scheme is being run with East Northamptonshire and Daventry District Councils.

And the leaseholder of fields by the A605 near Lilford has been the first to be helped by the scheme, having around three tonnes of green waste and vehicle parts (pictured) cleared from their land and physical prevention measures to keep fly tippers out are being installed.

Local councils do not remove fly-tipped waste on private land, that is the responsibility of the landowner, however councils do investigate reports of fly tipping.

Under the scheme, farmers and private landowners in East Northamptonshire and Daventry can report fly-tipping on their land and the authority will arrange for the fly tip to be cleared – with the cost being met by the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

The council will then suggest measures that would help the landowner to prevent further tipping on their land, for which the Commissioner’s Office will supply a grant.

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