Police halt ‘Guinness-on-wheels’ service

It’s been a difficult time for the hospitality sector, including pubs and bars.

Belfast establishment Hatfield House thought it had shown some initiative with a Guinness-on-wheels service, which was proving popular. Mobile bar staff had been pouring drinks out of refitted vans into plastic glasses while wearing latex gloves. The drinks were then left on the doorstep with no contact with customers.

But in a Facebook post a spokesperson for the pub said police want them to shut down the venture because it breaches licensing legislation.

Belfast District Commander Chief Superintendent Jonathan Roberts said: “PSNI is aware of employees from licensed premises dispensing alcohol at various locations in Belfast from an adapted vehicle.

“Yesterday [Saturday] officers on patrol in south Belfast spoke with a number of individuals and files are now being prepared for submission to the Public Prosecution Service in relation to potential breaches of the Licensing (NI) Order 1996.”

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