Councils can only act if they have been given a specific power to do so by statute. This means that councils are set up and controlled by Acts of Parliament.

It is important that councils work within these statutes so policies and procedures are essential for ensuring that any business is conducted in the correct legal and transparent manner.  The council must remain aware of their powers and are mindful that they must not act outside the law

We aim to provide high quality services at the best possible value, always ensuring that we do so in a legal, safe, and ethical way. Our policies and procedures help us achieve this by governing the work of councillors and making sure we regularly review how we carry out the work

Standing Orders

The law controls how our Parish Council acts and in addition the Parish Council can agree their own procedures.  Together these rules make up our ‘Standing Orders’ which govern our actions.   These Standing Orders are regularly reviewed and formally agreed by the whole council.

Code of Conduct

The Order contains a model code of conduct as regards the conduct which is expected of members and co-opted members of parish councils. Under section 51 of the Local Government Act 2000, each authority must adopt a code of conduct applying to its members which must incorporate any mandatory provisions of the model code.

Complaints Procedure

Titchmarsh Parish Council is committed to providing a quality service for the benefit of the people who live or work in our parish. If you are dissatisfied with the standard of service you have received, or are unhappy about an action or lack of action by the council, this Complaints Procedure sets out how you may complain and how we shall try to resolve your complaint.

Financial Regulations

The majority of our Parish Council’s income comes from local taxes in the form of a ‘precept’.  The rules for how our Parish Council manages its finances are set down in our Financial Regulations.  Our Financial Regulations are reviewed regularly and agreed by the whole council.  

Risk Assessment

Each year we review the risks faced by the Parish Council to ensure that we have taken adequate steps to minimise them. There are two assessments available to download, one detailing financial risks, the other physical risks.  

Internal Control Procedures

Our internal control procedures ensure that we minimise significant financial and corporate governance risks.  These procedures are reviewed annually .

Effectiveness of Internal Audit

This document ensures that we meet our legal and proper standards.  This document is reviewed annually.

FOI Model Publication Scheme

The model publication scheme sets out the information available from Titchmarsh Parish Council, in compliance with the Freedom of Information regulations.  This document is reviewed annually .

Biodiversity Policy

Under the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 there is a duty on public authorities in England to have regard to conserving biodiversity as part of their policy or decision making. Conserving biodiversity can include restoring or enhancing a population or habitat.

English public authorities including town and parish councils should be able to show their duty to have regard for conserving biodiversity if they have identified ways to integrate biodiversity when they:

  • Develop policies and strategies and put them into practice.
  • Manage the planning system.
  • Manage:
    • their land and buildings
    • woodlands and nature reserves
    • gardens, parks and public open space
    • community amenities e.g. sports grounds and cemeteries
    • waste and pollution
    • energy and water
    • wood and plant products
  • Develop infrastructure, such as roads, buildings or flood defences.
  • Make decisions about procurement.
  • Implement economic, environmental and social programmes.

This duty has been reinforced under the Environment Act 2021

Privacy Policy

Titchmarsh Parish Council is committed to protecting your privacy. We have prepared this Privacy Notice to describe our practices regarding the ‘personal data’ we collect from contractors, members of the public, and visitors to the Titchmarsh Parish Council web site.
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