Poop Fiction – A Tail of Inconsiderate Dog Owners and their Lazy Excuses!

If there is one thing guaranteed to raise the temperature in Titchmarsh it is the topic of dog poop. There have been many good and positive things going on in the village during lockdown. The one downside is the rise in dog mess.  The problem is particularly bad on the various lanes around the village. Birds Lane, Back Lane, Green Lane and the small lane at the bottom of North Street have all become minefields of dog poop. The Playing Fields aren’t great either.

To make matters worse, without any rain to wash it away, the mess just sits there waiting for someone to tread in it. There is no justification for it. Whatever excuses people use to ignore their own dog’s mess is just Poop Fiction



This is a fabulous community and it works best when we all play out part. That includes dog owners. Don’t pretend it’s not there. Don’t pretend no-one else will see it. Don’t even pretend it will bite you if you pick it up. If it’s your dog then it’s your mess and your responsibility to dispose of it!

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