Power Outage

There was drama in Titchmarsh last night as a power transformer failed – plunging parts of the village into darkness. Most of Titchmarsh receives its electricity from the main transformer located not far from the Village Shop. However, if you live in Polopit or the lower half of the High Street and St Andrews Lane, you are probably supplied from a much smaller transformer, mounted on a telegraph pole, in the fields close to Turner’s House.

At some point around 7pm last night, this unit suffered a catastrophic failure. It was apparently so spectacular that it required the immediate intervention of the local fire brigade.

pics by Mary Coulson

Western Power were soon on the scene affecting repairs. Being unable to save the transformer, power was routed from the main unit mentioned above. This means the power supply is a little thinner than normal and could be prone to intermittent outages.

At the time of writing, work continues. If they do manage to fix the issue, there may be another outage as the supplies are switched over again.

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