Titchmarsh History in Print

Titchmarsh Past and Present by Helen Belgion.  A comprehensive history of the village from the Bronze Age to the 1980s, First published in 1979 with a second edition in 1990 this publication is now out of print.

Titchmarsh House Histories: a snapshot of the village in 2012 when all householders were invited to write a short passage about the history of their home to accompany a photograph of the family outside it.  This lavishly illustrated hardcover book gives a fascinating insight into way in which the village has evolved and the characters who have made it the dynamic community it is today. Cost £10.

Titchmarsh Voices:  a half-century of change in an English village. Based on the recollections of thirty villagers, past and present, the book tells the story of the community as it was transformed from one with its roots in agriculture to one where few people now work on the land.  It traces the impact of the major upheavals of the twentieth century, including the World war and the sixties social revolution. Cost £6.

Echoes of Yesteryear: Growing up in Titchmarsh.  The written memoirs of four villagers who have since passed away, this book focuses on life from the early 1900s on, revealing their pleasures and anxieties in a period of rapid change with the passing of the old order and its certainties.   Cost £3.50.

Titchmarsh Heritage Trail: free leaflet. An illustrated walk around the village highlighting some of the properties that are either key to its history or illustrative of stages in its development.  Copies can be obtained either from the village shop or on-line at info@titchmarshhistory.co.uk

All books – with the exception of Titchmarsh Past and Present –  can be purchased from Sylvia Prestwich, 6 North Street, Titchmarsh NN14 3DH or sylviaprestwich@aol.com