Road Safety Advice

The arrival of the Coronavirus may have curtailed many village activities but it has also sparked several others. There are possibly more runners, dog walkers and cyclists on our roads than ever before. This is particularly true on the road leading out of London End towards Bidwell Cottages and Clopton. There seems to be a constant procession of joggers streaming out of the village in that direction.

The glorious weather has also brought out many families who are taking the opportunity for a family bike ride. All of this is great and to be encouraged – but please remember to be safe.

The same warning must also be extended to drivers. There may be less traffic on our country roads but there are certainly more people and so drivers need to drive much more carefully. This is especially important when approaching blind summits. Kids (in particular) might stray from safety on the side of the road. Disaster could be a split second away. It only takes a momentary lapse of concentration.

Parish Council Health and Safety lead, Yvette Hooks, suggests the following road safety advice:

  • Car drivers – please slow down when you see walkers, cyclists and runners. Thank you to these who do. Give them a wave to acknowledge the fact.
  • Walkers and runners – walk towards the oncoming traffic so you can see cars coming. Remember some electric cars are virtually silent.
  • Cyclists – Stay on the correct side of the road and if approaching a blind summit, keep in single file.
  • Parents – Please speak to your children about road safety.


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