Santa Spotted in Titchmarsh

Whilst surrounding areas were still coated in a foggy mist, Titchmarsh village was bathed in sunshine as Santa breezed into town to dispense some Christmas cheer to the excited children who had gathered on the village green.  Whilst waiting for him to arrive, their parents were fortified with warming cups of mulled wine from the village shop, and many had an early lunch of venison burgers (which may explain why Santa roared in on the back of a festive pickup truck rather than bringing his reindeer!).

Actually it is quite normal for Santa to rest his reindeer as he carries out his practice visits around the country, so they are in tip top condition for the Big Day.

Santa was in a jolly good mood as he handed out sweets to the children, though rumours that his cheeks became a lot rosier after he tested the mulled wine remain unfounded.

One question does remain however… was this the real Santa or was it Roy wood from Wizzard trying to earn a few extra pennies in his retirement??

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