Save the Glebe Land – August Update

Petition and Letter Writing

The response to the petition and letter writing campaigns has been phenomenal.  1,371 names have been added to the petition.  The Diocese has been deluged with well over 150 letters.  Many thanks to all who took the time and effort to make the Bishop aware of their thoughts and feelings. 

Media Engagement

A BBC Radio Northampton item on 31st July was followed on 4th August by a piece in the Northamptonshire Telegraph, both sympathetic to our cause.  A Church Times story on 21st August asked deeper questions about the Church of England’s position on speculative and inappropriate development. 

The Save The Glebe Land Facebook group is doing great work in collecting information, generating media interest, and maintaining and coordinating our campaign’s momentum. 

PCC Formal Representation

The PCC submitted its formal Representation to the Diocese on 13th August.  This is available to download here. Please take a look! 

What Next?

The PCC is working within ecclesiastical law and process to persuade the Diocese not to further damage the church’s mission or bring the reputation of the C of E into disrepute.  The Diocese is still considering its decision.  The PCC’s Representation is unlikely to be considered before the 16th September, and it may be later than that. 

And into the Future – the Civil Planning Process?

We’re a long way away from the civil planning process but if the PCC is unsuccessful, IM Properties will start that process.  IM Properties will have up to 10 years to work up a scheme: we must ensure that the local planning framework remains hostile to unwanted, unjustified, and damaging development.  That will require vigilance and tenacity.  We already have valuable support from our County Councillor and our Member of Parliament.  The time for planning consultants, planning lawyers (and even judicial review) may come, but it’s not yet!  


Much has been achieved in a short time.  Local people have provided fantastic help and support and have brought in support from outside our local communities.  All involved should give themselves at pat on the back, but there’s a way to go yet….. 

Titchmarsh PCC is incredibly grateful for the help and support that’s been given.  If we’re successful in persuading the Diocese to change its intention, no scheme will enter the civil planning process: that would be a great result.  

Thanks again to all for the fantastic support, and watch this space for what comes next!  

Titchmarsh PCC

25th August 2020

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