Signing Off…

Over the last 12 years it has been my great pleasure to run the Village Website. However, the time has now come for me to step back and hand things over to a new team. I leave you in the very capable hands of Chelsea Ziegler and Pete ‘Moose’ Jousiffe – two villagers who are certain to put a fresh new stamp on things.

These plans have been in place for some time. I’ll continue to be an admin on the Village Website and Facebook Group – but purely in a maintenance role. Someone has to make sure the lights stay on. From today Chelsea and Pete are in charge of the content.

You can help by continuing to send in your news and events. If you have a story or some information you would like to share – send it in here.

All news is welcome – so long as it’s something that affects or benefits the community.

The Village Calendar shows what’s going on and when. This not only informs the community, it also helps other organisers plan their own events.

Also, don’t forget that the site has a built-in news and calendar date submission form. This allows villagers to post their own updates live on the site (without someone doing it for them). A number of people already use this system to very good effect, including Julia Powell for the church, John Wills for the shop and Alice Dove for her Dovely Bakery. If you’d like to post your own news, have a word with Chelsea and Pete and they’ll tell you what to do.



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