Silent Auction – French Rustic Lunch – Saturday 20th July – 1pm to 4pm

Mesdames, Messieurs, regardez ici
Pour un soupçon de gastronomie…
but after that my French runs out,
so, this is what it’s all about…

An auction for a rustic lunch – the finest in the village,
with fine French food and “vin compris”, I’m sure there’ll be no spillage!
A “grand repas” for 16 folk is what we have in mind
at Castle Barn at Lower Green – (it’s quite easy to find)
The date is set for a “sunny day” * on the 20th July
…we’re grateful to our hostess – Thank-you Cathy Guy.
Your chefs for this occasion are Williams & Wills **
So now, you might be asking, is how to pay the bill?

If you’re coming to the Shop Quiz on Saturday next weekend
You can place your bids all evening (and we’ll provide the pen!)
Alternatively, email me *** with what you’d like to spend
And whoever is most generous will win out in the end…

I hope that’s not confusing, but if you’re in any doubt,
Please ring me on my telephone and I will sort it out!

* Other weather may be available on the day…
** Karen & Viv…they’ve even got a recipe book and everything…
*** Please email with how many tickets you would like to bid for, and your maximum bid per person (Reserve bid is £30 per head). We will keep an eye on the bids in the room on quiz night (Sat 16th March), and update your bid up to your stated limit throughout the evening. Winning bids will be declared at the end of the evening. Please feel free to ring me if this still makes no sense – John Wills – on 07970 495 278

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