Spooky Times in Titchmarsh

It’s that time of year again. The nights are drawing in, the smell of wood smoke lingers in the air and small children dressed as zombies and ghosts will soon be knocking on your door! Yes, Halloween is just around the corner and if you don’t watch out it will soon be creeping up your drive…

This year’s All Hallows’ Eve falls on Tuesday the 31st – but if you can’t wait that long then pay a visit to the Wheatsheaf on Saturday night. The new team will be handing out free shots to anyone in fancy dress. Customers are warned they’ll have to do more than draw on some cat’s whiskers with an eyebrow pencil. They want to see some commitment! The team are also keen to point out that this is not just for kids – its for grown ups, dogs, donkeys and whoever else you can think of that enjoys the pub! The evening kicks off at 6pm.

The very best fancy dress outfit on the night will receive a voucher for a meal for two!

The weather looks increasingly good for next week. That means, come Tuesday, an army of ghoulies and booglies will be wandering the streets of Titchmarsh in search of sweeties! The usual convention is for trick or treaters to visit only those houses which are decorated in some way. So if you’ve got a pumpkin outside or a lantern in your window expect a knock on the door!

Incidentally, the village shop has loads of Halloween goodies available including themed sweets and other fiendish wotsits. They’ve even got little orange candy buckets for carrying home all that beastly Halloween booty!

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