STAUNCH Campaign News Bulletin

S.T.A.U.NC.H., the group co-ordinating the response to the twin industrial developments on the outskirts of Titchmarsh, have published their first news bulletin. It could not have come at a more important time. Newlands Developments – responsible for the Castle Manor Farm site – are moving ahead with their plans very quickly. They have already had one meeting with Titchmarsh Parish Council and a public consultation will be held in St Mary’s Church on 18th November.

The proposed site dwarfs the existing Haldens Parkway. The warehouses will be even higher – up to a maximum height of 24.5 metres (80 feet). It will have massive implications for Titchmarsh – not just in terms of increased traffic, noise and light pollution – but there are also very real concerns about the potential risk of flooding.

Please visit the STAUNCH Campaign website and read the first bulletin. It is filled with useful information and advice about what you can do to help prevent the development.

Click here to visit the STAUNCH Campaign web site and read the bulletin »

Castle Manor Farm site shown in yellow

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