STAUNCH Campaign on the BBC

Villagers Kevin Shapland and Sharon Cole appeared on the BBC on Wednesday to press home the STAUNCH Campaign’s ongoing opposition to the proposed warehouse developments on the edge of Titchmarsh.


Sharon Cole, secretary of STAUNCH, said Northamptonshire was becoming “the county of sheds” with the increase in warehousing.

“My concerns are that they are totally inappropriate for this site.

“They are opportunistic applications to try and make money from sites that are available, instead of choosing sites that are appropriate for need.”

Kevin Shapland, chair of STAUNCH, said the campaign group was not anti-development.

“What we want is to make sure that any development that does take place is appropriate, it is proportionate and it’s also sustainable,” he said.

Mr Shapland, a former President of Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce, said the sites near Titchmarsh did not “fall into those categories”.

North Northamptonshire Council has yet to consider the two developments proposed for the Glebe Land and Castle Manor Farm sites. In the meantime, STAUNCH continue in their relentless opposition to the plans – highlighting the massive impact on our already overcrowded road network, as well as the increased threat of flood, plus the damage to wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

To learn more about the campaign visit the STAUNCH website and Facebook page.

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