STAUNCH Campaign Video

A smart new video has been released highlighting the issues and effects of the proposed industrial developments on the edge of the village. The video features interviews with local farmer Roly Wood, STAUNCH secretary Sharon Cole and wildlife expert Kevin Jefferies. Each gives a compelling account of the impact on wildlife and the rural landscape if the projects go ahead. Flooding, loss of habitat, pollution and perhaps crucially, the loss of farmland, diminishing our capacity to grow our own food.

As Roly Wood says,

The impact of these warehouses in reducing the crops grown here, the amount food we have means there’s going to be a lot more food imported rather than home-produced. If there won’t be any food production in this country at all, everything will be imported and the cost of living is going to go sky high.

Please share the video with your friends – especially on social media. The link for the video is below:

The video was created by Wildside Productions a local company who gave their services free of charge. Find out more about their work at the link below.

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