STAUNCH Update: The Objections Keep Coming!

Nearly 700 new, individual planning objections are to be hand delivered to the North Northamptonshire planning authorities, against two planning applications for mega warehouse developments between the Northamptonshire market town of Thrapston and the village of Titchmarsh.

Hardly a week now passes without coverage of the mounting exasperation of local communities across North Northamptonshire at the disproportionate, inappropriate, and unsustainable development of warehousing. Instead of such applications for development being proposed for existing brownfield sites, they continue to be proposed at the expense of productive agricultural land and the wider environment.

STAUNCH Chair Kevin Shapland delivers 674 new objections to the North Northants Council Offices in Thrapston

Two such applications on adjacent sites between Thrapston and Titchmarsh are currently under consideration by the planning authority with the first due to be placed before the council’s planning committee for determination on the 20th of March.

If granted, these applications will result in over 300 acres of farmland and open countryside being lost.

In addition, amongst other concerns the developments will result in the destruction of large areas of ancient hedgerows and the archaeological remains of an ancient Romano town, scheduled by English Heritage as of significant national importance, being destroyed.

Local objections to these proposed developments is huge and the government has clearly stated that effective communication with local communities and groups should be an integral part of any planning process. However, during a recent appeal hearing into the proposed warehouse development of Weekley Hall Wood in Kettering, North Northants Council was recently criticised by the Planning Inspector. He commented on its failure to attach significant weight to the wealth of evidence both recorded and anecdotal that the local community provided to the planning officers.

Kevin Shapland, Chair of STAUNCH said:

STAUNCH has submitted a large amount of evidence to the planning authority which rebuts many of the assertions made by the developers. Combined with nearly 1,700 individual objections now submitted in respect of the two applications between Thrapston and Titchmarsh, North Northants Council must ensure that such fundamental errors as identified during the Weekley Hall Wood appeal must not be allowed to happen again.

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