Support @ Titchmarsh – who are we, what are we doing, how can you use our services?

A couple of weeks ago, the Parish Council activated the Titchmarsh Emergency Response Group to investigate what support could be offered in these challenging times to the village and particularly to those villagers who are self-isolating.  The group met and consists of Stephen Barber, John Wills, Antar Howarth, Lucy Milner, Paul Fletcher and Stuart Wright.  Quickly rebranding the group as “Support at Titchmarsh” they initially looked at what mechanisms the community would need to meet the current situation and quickly put them into action.

By now you have probably noticed the changes in place at the village shop, the updates to the village website and may be aware of our network of volunteers.  There is also the excellent ‘Titchmarsh Care & Share’ Facebook page on which villagers are volunteering their time or letting folks know when they are on a run into town.

The changes at the shop have been implemented to help with social-distancing measures and to protect the staff and volunteers.  Remember, if you are self-isolating, you can still order your essentials from the shop either through the village website or by calling the shop directly.  The village website has been re-branded to provide a single portal of advice and information about the Coronavirus and, finally, we have a network of volunteers who are able to help out if you need anything from a chat to collecting a prescription.

The team continue to meet (via video-link) at least once a week and are also in regular contact with each other through email and messages.  We are looking at ways we can provide the best support to the community and are registered with the Wellingborough and East Northants Community Resilience COVID co-ordination team as part of the regional and national effort.  In addition to this work, we are also considering contingency plans should the situation require them.

We are here to help you and provide support where and when needed. Rest assured, although much of our work is not obvious, we are in daily contact with each other and are either helping to co-ordinate or are providing regular support to those who need it.

If you have any ideas about areas we may wish to consider, then please get in touch through

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