TEG Litter Picker Volunteers receive messages of thanks for a very muddy litter pick!

A huge thank you is sent from TEG to the 12 litter pickers who got together on a lovely sunny and frosty Sunday morning yesterday to do their usual amazing work! Also we must not forget Shirley, who was unable to make the 3rd but bravely went out into the rain on Saturday and collected 3 bags herself!
Some people may say she was crazy, but we are all incensed by the litter strewn around our community – mostly by people who live no where near here – but don’t give a toss anyway( literally)!!
Thanks also goes to Kevin and his wife, Amanda who joined us again from Wigsthorpe Wombles.

We collected 53 bags of rubbish plus various other items. It was heartening to hear calls of thank you and honks from car horns from some passing motorists passing. Also one local resident, kindly took the time to send a TEG message of thanks and there were also thanks you’s from Thrapston residents on Thrapston Chatter.
Although Halden’s Parkway area, Islington and Thrapston island look a lot better , there is still plenty of litter out there, so TEG will be organising a Spring Litter Pick in April. Look out for more details soon.

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