TEG Recycling Hub Upate on blister packs

Many thanks to all of you have been recycling your medical blister packs at the recycling hub. They have been one of our most successful collections preventing so much plastic from going into landfill or chemicals from the plastic being incinerated entering the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, Superdrug who we take the blister packs, who then pass to Terracycle for recycling, have been so inundated they can not cope any longer and have ceased to accept them. It really shows the need for finding alternative ways of packaging medicine! What was wrong with the brown glass bottles we used to have? They had child safe lids and glass can be easily recycled! Anyway- TEG are searching to find an alternative organisation that will accept the blister packs for recycling and until we do the Medical Blister Wheelie Bin has been sealed.

We would ask you to keep up the good work and store your medical blister packs at home until we have some more news. We will update you as soon as possible. Many thanks everyone for doing your bit to help the planet!

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