That’s a Lot of Books!

If you’d have been a member of the Titchmarsh Reading Group from when it first began, guess how many books you would have read by now? The group was formed in February 2006 as a result of T-day, the Titchmarsh community plan and day of action which spawned so may great clubs and interest groups. The reading group has met almost every month ever since – clocking up a whopping 163 books. Ian Curtis – who established the group – has read all but two of them!

The members come together each month in the Wheatsheaf to discuss the book they have just read before proposing the next one on the list.  There is always room for new members so if you’d like to join in drop Ian a line at:

A complete list of all the books the group have read so far can be found below. Click the button to reveal the list:

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