The Story of a Forgotten Brown Bin

Garden Waste Collection. If, like us, you have been in the unfortunate position recently of not having your brown bin picked up by North Northants Council, this might be the reason why. Basically we forgot to pay our bill; basically we forgot to renew our collection 7 months ago! 😚 However, as the Council kept on picking it up the error on our part continued and we kinda thought it had renewed automatically; but it doesn’t 😁 It seems the bin men would pick up any brown bin that was left out on the curb; however, there is now a scheme in place whereby the collection folks can see who has paid and who hasn’t; this is done by means of a large sticker on the top of your bin with a expiration date and QR code (see image). So if your bin is consistently left at the roadside full of your garden waste, this might be the reason. Check out the council website for a more information.

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