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Titchmarsh Times (Download)

The Titchmarsh Times is a bi-monthly village newsletter published by Titchmarsh Parish Council and sponsored by local businesses.

You can download the latest issue via the link below.

The Wednesday Quiz

Every Wednesday Sylvia Prestwich will be posting a weekly quiz. Each will cover many different topics and contain easy, not so easy and particularly irritating questions that continually nag you for an answer! 

The answers will be posted a week later.    

Online Quizzes from the Guardian

Where on Earth? World cities travel quiz

Can you name the world’s highest, southernmost and most Michelin-starred cities? Take our quiz and see if you’re a city slicker…

Football quiz: top goalscorers

How much do you know about the great plunderers of our time?

Culture quiz: from Jurassic Park's raptors to Rihanna's Vogue shoot

Tests your arts knowledge with these questions from the Observer’s critics

Virtual Tours

To watch a tour, first click on the image below and then on the icon to expand the screen size.

Strictly Footloose!

Various “mash-ups” of classic dance clips that are certain to get your feet moving! Includes some of the greatest Hollywood dancing moments ever. Look out for Rita Hayworth, Doris Day, Marylin Monroe, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and a host of others.

Born To Be Alive!

The Safety Dance (Glee version)

Rita Hayworth - Stayin Alive

Up Town Funk

She Drives Me Crazy


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