This week in the Village Shop

Last week we took delivery of a range of fresh meat from Warmington Chops and it seemed to go down rather well with several items selling out fast. The range is refreshed every Tuesday and Friday (around midday) and as well as our family favourites of sausages, chicken breasts, minced steak etc, there will always be some “specials” included in each delivery. On top of that, meat is available to order. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the BBQ season kicks off, when we can expect BBQ packs too. If only it would stop raining and warm up a bit!

As previously mentioned, a couple of beers from the Loch Ness Brewery were delivered as well as a selection from Weldon Brewery (near Corby), including the Dragline and Stahlstadt. Contrary to our Chairman’s previous post, the Brewery named the beer Stahlstadt as it means ‘Steel Town’ in German. The beer was given a German name as it contains the Magnum bittering hop from Germany. The Dragline is also proving popular and a new order will be placed this week to keep up with demand.

For simplicity, we have been trying to keep our hot food offering to savouries during the week and pastries at the weekend, however this will be under constant review according to demand. If you would prefer something different at these times, you can always order in advance. As long as you give us at least 30 minutes notice, we can bake to order. This week we have added pain au raisins to the pastries range. Our ranges are as follows:

Savouries – Sausage Rolls, Cheese & Onion Pasties, Bacon & Cheese Turnovers.
Pastries – Butter Croissants, Pain Au Chocolats, Pecan Plaits, Cinnamon Swirls, Pain Au Raisins.

We all love the delicious Brampton Pies from Measures Butchers in Brampton and have deliveries every Tuesday and Thursday. Occasionally there is the odd pie that hasn’t sold at its use by date. If this happens, the pies are immediately frozen in our freezer, marked down in price and kept for a further month. It’s worth checking out the freezer from time to time, you may be able to grab a delicious meal at a bargain price. Please remember to defrost these pies thoroughly before cooking.

After the cold spell last week, asparagus supplies have resumed, with a further 45 bunches delivered last Friday. Ashby’s set the sell out price, so it will be the same price wherever you buy it and of course we would love you to buy it from your local Village Shop!

Have a great week!

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