This week in the Village Shop

Saturday’s garage sale turned out to be a great event for the village in more ways than one. As well as a steady stream of customers for the numerous households who bought a pitch, the Village Shop reported a very busy morning selling lots of cups of coffee and Danish pastries to the eager bargain hunters. We sold out of cinnamon swirls but these will be back on the menu this Saturday. A big thank you to our staff, volunteers and Committee members who helped out on Saturday and to Steve Pinnock for organising the event.

Did you know that Monday 24th May is National Asparagus Day? Grown locally in Polebrook, Ashby’s Asparagus is available in the Village Shop, priced at £3.50 a bunch, the same price as other local shops in the area. Why not buy local and support your Village Shop as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

At this time of year, we would normally have ceased selling kindling but with the weather not looking to improve much, a further delivery will be arriving sometime Monday, as well as nets of logs. These will be stored in our new outside merchandising unit.

Fridays triple chocolate brownies from the Sinclair Bakery were very popular and sold out within hours. This week we are looking forward to a lemon sponge sandwich. We now have Karen’s fabulous flapjacks on Monday’s, Julia’s immense fruit and fresh cream scones on Thursday’s and a delicious cake or traybake from the Sinclair Bakery on Fridays.

Louise Stokes is kindly holding a plant exchange and sale at the Village Shop this Saturday 29th May. Please come along between 10am and 11am if you have seedlings or plants you would like to exchange or donate. (veg or flower seedlings) There will then be a plant sale from 11am until 12.30pm. All proceeds from the sale will go to the Shop.

Have a good week and hope to see you on Saturday.

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