Three types of SPAM at the Village Shop…

Of course, you’ll all know about those annoying “Spam” adverts that crop up in your Inbox or on your phone. My “advertising algorithm” believes that as a “newly qualified pensioner”, I am desperate to know more about Funeral Plans, Walk-in Baths and Showers, and Riser Recliner chairs! (although, I must admit, the HSL Ripley Riser with an integrated TV remote pocket does seem strangely attractive!)

…then there are the famous cans of Shoulder of Pork And Ham, first introduced by the Hormel Food Corporation back in July 1937. This SPiced hAM was widely used in ration packs during WWII where it was christened SPecial Army Meat by the squaddies. Since its launch in Minnesota, more than 9 billion cans have been sold in more than 47 countries worldwide. Though the latest news is that TESCO are currently matching Aldi prices on SPAM and the Village Shop is price matching TESCO, so you can pick up a tin of this tasty meat treat for just £2.25…Wow!

…and then there is the 3rd type of SPAM – exclusive to the Village Shop and that is –

Shareholders**, Poetry, Accounts*** and the Member’s agm, which is probably best explained by the “Poetry” part below –

How are your Tuesday evenings…are there things you like to do?

…though if you’ve nothing special on, we’ve got a treat for you…

The Tuesday that we have in mind is the 11th of July,

and according to last year’s reviews, it’s really worth a try.

No need to turn the telly on for Ant & Dec again,

Come and join us at the Church for our tasty AGM!

A tasty AGM you say, how can that be true?

…well during the proceedings, we’ve laid on some snacks for you,

and better still than that, I’m sure you’ll want to hear,

alongside snacks you’ll also get a glass of wine or beer.

Now if you are a shareholder ** you’ll get a chance to vote

on our accounts and auditors and other things of note.

But that’s not all; we’ll let you know what’s happened since last year,

plus, details of our future plans… (oh…and did I mention beer?)

So open up your calendar, put a cross next to the date –

Tuesday 11th of July – 7.30 – don’t be late!

** You don’t need to be a shareholder to come to the AGM, but if you fancy supporting your Village Shop you can buy a share for just £5 and an annual subscription of £2. Just click here for an application form…

*** You can also apply for a Village Shop Account by clicking here…

The Village Shop AGM will be held on Tuesday 11th July in the Church.

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