Titchmarsh Break-ins

They call this the season of good will but that clearly doesn’t apply to criminal activity. On Thursday night intruders made repeated attempts to gain entry to number of outdoor buildings, garages and sheds in Titchmarsh. They also came equipped. In at least one instance, heavy duty bolt cutters were used to remove padlocks. Thankfully it doesn’t appear as if anything of any great value was stolen. That doesn’t make the intrusion any less upsetting for those who experienced it.

Hopefully this was just a passing, one-off, opportunistic attempt. Even so, please remain vigilant. If you have sheds at the bottom of your garden – especially if they’re close to roads or paths – please take steps to secure them. Make sure your security lights and cameras are working and switched on. Perhaps consider moving high value items to somewhere more secure.

Finally, be a good neighbour. Not everyone will see this post or be aware of the break-ins. Spread the word…

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